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Kicking‚ÄĒDigital‚ÄĒA$$ since 2007

Hi, I’m Tim Livian, I Help Growing Businesses Get Results & Achieve High ROI with:

  • SEO¬†using Audits, Research, Link-Building, Outreach & Content

  • Web Analytics¬†& Segmentation to Discover Opportunities

I’m not some faceless company that’s pretending to be bigger than I am.

It’s me (and the occasional freelancer when everyone¬†and their mother needs a website, at the same exact time)… ¬†So no writing in the third person here.

My current home-base is Queens, New York Miami, Florida.  I have a family (wife + son), and we love spending time together and traveling.

And since all I need is my laptop and WiFi to design websites, execute online marketing plans and track and measure progress using web analytics, I occasionally work and travel at the same time…

Work + family + travel = WIN Win win

Not everyone likes working with someone who operates this way, but it works well for my clients, my family and me.

If you’re part of the group that’s comfortable meeting face-to-face occasionally or via Skype, and most of your business life flows through¬†email, then we could work together as partners and grow the hell out of your business online¬†together. ¬†If not, then I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read this (you still might enjoy signing up for my newsletter or following my blog for results-producing online marketing tips and web analytics skills that will separate the men¬†from the boys).

There’s A¬†LOT of bad online marketing information being shared all over the internet and lots of “flavor of the month” fads you need to steer clear of since most are distractions from the high-impact strategies and tactics you need to invest most your resources in.

I’m on a mission to work¬†closely as partners with¬†a handful of businesses and entrepreneurs to hit their goals, while avoiding the¬†B.S.

I’ll help¬†arm you with what it takes to achieve measurable¬†results, produce plenty of leads and positive ROI… ¬†I¬†focus on and share what delivers business results with my clients (and blog readers) and I leave out the “fluff”.

I’ve been working on the web since 2007. ¬†I started with small websites, and then climbed up to work on the web analytics¬†and data for some of the biggest sites in the world (Huffington Post, Vimeo, AOL).

It took me some¬†time to realize the corporate world wasn’t for me, and how much more fun, interesting and rewarding it is working with small and medium-sized businesses (and how much more value I can deliver working with a handful of smaller companies, rather than one big company, by¬†applying my experience and insights¬†to companies in earlier stages of growth that can achieve¬†much higher ROI).

From my various positions I learned the truth that only a very small group of people have the privilege of knowing (since I worked with the web analytics and datasets from billions and billions of monthly online interactions and hundreds of millions of monthly visitors).  Almost everything I learned from my experience with huge sites applies to online businesses in earlier growth stages wanting to grow and dominate online!

I’ve learned¬†that 90% of websites do things because they’re mindlessly copying each other or doing “what the boss wants” (even if it makes no sense).

I’m here to focus your online business on using what’s most important to make major decisions, actual results, real best practices¬†and data.

I’ve helped launch and improve:

  • The SEO for websites large and small
  • Websites & Landing Pages
  • Blogs & Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Local and Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies
  • Web Analytics Measurement Plans, Tracking, Customizations and Tools
  • A/B Tests
  • Lead Generation & Sales Funnels
  • Media Buys
  • and Lots More

(What I’ve done online has touched hundreds of millions of people and billions and billions of experiences and interactions)

This has taught me how to deliver what’s important, while cutting out the crap.

Here’s a little more about me‚ÄĒif you’re really curious:

I like rap music, cursing (when it’s appropriate), value investing (I’ve been a huge Warren Buffett fan since before it was cool), fast cars and motorcycles; cooking by throwing together a meal with what’s in the fridge, working out with kettlebells and jokes (mostly corny ones).

If you’re wanting to scare me, a snake will do the trick. ¬†And to gross me out, worms or slimy things work perfectly.

And for some Playboy answers… I like long walks in the park, beautiful sunsets and fluffy things (I actually like the first two and would give the last one to my wife¬†or son).

By working with a web pro, like me,¬†you benefit from all the successes I’ve been a part of, as well as all the big mistakes I’ve seen made (over and over again). ¬†Mistakes, that I’ll help you steer clear of‚ÄĒavoiding the landmines is as valuable (in time, money and heartburn) as sharing what I’ve learned from the successes.

“An investor needs to do very few things right as long as he or she avoids big mistakes.”
‚ÄĒWarren Buffett

Tim Livian

Tim Livian

Owner / Chief Results Officer

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