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Nearly 80% of Web Designers Build "Pretty Sites" With No Attention Given To Business Results, Your Financial Goals or If Your Business Will Be Successful In 12 Months. Not DNA Evolved. Keep Reading To Learn How We're Different.

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Choosing The Right Web Designer Is Not Easy

The risks are high—your business and livelihood are at stake.

Business owners have been trained to select web designers based on how “Pretty” their designs are. This is the wrong approach.

We’ve tested many “Simple” (and not-so-pretty) web pages that were designed for results against “Pretty” ones, and more often “Simple” outperformed “Pretty” design.

Designs that look “Pretty” don’t usually lead to profits.

“Pretty” web design is a luxury after your website generates enough business, it’s not the key factor that leads to success online. Which is why “Pretty” shouldn’t come before your business goals when picking a web designer.

(We’ve repeatedly seen businesses hurt their online results with “Pretty” and then come back to us to “fix it”)

If you’re here because you need to generate more leads and sales your goal should be making your website better for visitors and customers with a website designed around your goals, not a “Pretty” one.

If this sounds like you and your business, keep on reading because this is our unique approach to web design…

Not Just “Pretty” Websites, Web Design for Getting Results!


“Pretty” Website Design helps typical web designers sell websites to clients, but that same “Pretty” design doesn’t usually help you—the Owner/Manager—reach your business goals and see results.

Web Design at DNA Evolved is the total opposite and starts with a focus on:

  • Business Results
  • Profitable ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Achieving Realistic Goals

Working with a web consultant that knows the right questions to ask is the first step to putting your business among the 20% of websites that win a disproportionate amount of online leads and sales. With a website designed by DNA Evolved you benefit from our:

  • Broad Experience
  • Constant Learning
  • Long-Term Partnership Mentality
  • Culture of Endless Research & Experimentation

Put all together, these pieces can give your business the same unfair advantage that led many others to steadily increasing online results that transformed their businesses.

Your business can achieve similar results by choosing to work with the right web designer for your business (Request a Consultation to See If We’re A Good Fit).

Web Design

It takes a lot more expertise to succeed online today then it did 5 years ago, and even more to continue to grow over the months…  It’s no wonder why lots of web designers are moving on and becoming “social media experts”.

We love web design and online marketing, we get this stuff and we’re constantly expanding our expertise so you get results.

Achieving results online today requires:

  • Business & Marketing Experience
  • A Diverse Digital Skill-set
  • Broad Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Processes, Research & Planning
  • Web Analytics & Tracking Expertise
  • Strategic Effort

Besides acquiring all this expertise on your own or working with more than one company (which can take your business in too many directions and diffuse your efforts), the best approach is partnering with a web designer that possesses all of them and has strategies for the changing competitive landscape that align with your business goals.

Important Elements You Get With DNA Evolved’s Web Design to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors:

Mobile-Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Over 50% of traffic comes from mobile & tablet devices and this number is increasing.

Your website needs to work on ALL devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Smart TV) to get the highest return on your online investment.  A mobile-responsive website is the answer, it adjusts based on the device for the best experience for your website users.

Google also prefers mobile-responsive websites because there’s only one version of your website they need to keep track of (instead of a totally separate mobile version), which you also benefit from since you only need to update one version of each page, which saves you time and frustration.

Built-In SEO (From the Start!)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the foundation of the websites we design and code, it’s not something we haphazardly add-on afterwards. This is a must today for search engines to properly crawl and highly rank your website.

If search bots can’t quickly—and easily—crawl your site, or if your website has errors, you will rank lower in the search results, miss out on leads & sales and not achieve the highest possible ROI.

Keyword Research is another extremely important piece of the SEO puzzle.

If you want to get the most out of SEO we need to determine which keywords are most valuable, with the right balance of Competition vs. Search Volume (aka Supply vs. Demand). This is accomplished through competitive keyword research and analysis to discover keyword opportunities specific to your business goals.

Easy-To-Update Website

Your business changes. That’s hard enough to manage, that’s why we make sure your website is easy-to-update.

If you know how to use a word processor you’ll be able to make edits to the text and images and add pages and blog posts to your site after a short training.

You’ll be empowered to make website changes previously requiring knowledge of coding or expensive, complicated programs like Dreamweaver, now all you’ll need is a web browser and you can log in to your website’s administrative area to:

  • Freshen up the look of your site by changing an image
  • Change business hours
  • Add a new employee bio for that new hire
  • Add a landing page for a new online campaign you’re running
  • Create a new page for a new service you’re offering
  • Any many other updates that need to happen to keep growing your business…

We use the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the internet as the foundation of our websites, WordPress.

You can be confident your website is built using a proven system, that’s updated regularly & secure and has plenty of room to grow with your business. And it’s open source, so you own your website and it’s not a proprietary system that you’re being held hostage with by a web designer.

Easy-To-Use & Navigate For Your Website Visitors

A website that your visitors, prospects and customers find easy-to-use builds trust and confidence in your business.

In contrast, when a website is hard-to-use, and visitors can’t easily find what they need, they begin losing trust in that business and eventually leave that website, and the opportunity is lost to turn that person into a customer.

To avoid losing customers, we spend the time learning about your business, goals, competitors and ideal customers so your website visitors love how easy your website is to use.

Creating a website with your customers and potential customers in mind, and as a top priority, happens on purpose with intelligent:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Web Development

Working with web designers that think they’re in the business of designing and developing websites will most likely leave you with a site that’s designed to fail from the start.

To see results online you want to partner with people that understand they’re in the business of helping other businesses succeed, this is what DNA Evolved is about, we’re constantly evolving and improving so our client’s see steadily increasing returns on their investment.

"I was referred to Tim by a friend. My friend set the bar high, but Tim exceeded my expectations! Tim was able to deliver the website I had pictured in my mind. He also added some awesome features, that several of my client’s even compliment! I would, and do recommend Tim to anyone looking for an exceptional web designer."

Rob Wren

Tampa, Florida, Opportune Financial

Tim Livian

Tim Livian

Owner / Chief Results Officer

You'll Be Working With Me, Tim (from Sunny Miami, FL)

Hi, I’m Tim Livian, I Help Growing Businesses Get Results & Achieve High ROI with:

  • SEO using Audits, Research, Link-Building, Outreach & Content

  • Web Analytics & Segmentation to Discover Opportunities

You won't be working with some faceless company pretending to be bigger than they are, it's me (and the occasional freelancer).

I’ve been working on the web since 2007.  I started in sales, internet marketing and project management for small websites, and then climbed up to work on the web analytics and data for some of the biggest sites in the world (Huffington Post, Vimeo, AOL).

It took me some time to realize the corporate world wasn’t for me, and how much more fun, interesting and rewarding it is working with small and medium-sized businesses. The bigger realization was discovering how much more value I can deliver working with a handful of smaller companies—rather than one big company—by applying my experience and insights to companies that can achieve much higher ROI.

From my various positions I learned the truth that only a very small group of people have the privilege of knowing (since I worked with the web analytics and datasets from billions and billions of monthly online interactions and hundreds of millions of monthly visitors).

Almost everything I learned from my experience with huge sites applies to online businesses in earlier growth stages wanting to grow and dominate online!

You can learn more about me and my experience on the about page.

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Traffic & Online Marketing

SEO & Content Marketing (with a Blog)

SEO no longer exists on it’s own if you want plenty of targeted traffic that continues to grow month after month.

Now you need to play by Google’s rules (and no more trying to “game” the system) if you want to get on the first page, and stay there. What this means to you is you need to regularly create quality content.

The benefit of this approach is your customers (and potential customers) will love reading your relevant content and learning what you do in more detail, which is the slow and steady way—on a very large scale—to building:

  • Your Brand
  • Lots of Relationships
  • Goodwill

Your content also builds trust, keeps you top-of-mind, while turning you into in authority, which makes your business and brand more valuable, and translates into more prospects, leads and sales when they’re ready to buy.

Content marketing with a blog has the potential to be the marketing foundation for smart small and medium businesses. This is the game-changer that turns unknown businesses into thriving ones that can barely squeeze in new clients.

Based on our experience it takes 4 to 6 months to see noticeable results.

To get tons of traffic you need to grow the number of pages on your website, and the most practical way to do this is adding a blog to your site.

Pages on your site are the “fishing nets” for targeting keywords, the bigger the “net”, the more business opportunities!

To get a better idea we’ll demonstrate what success looks like by comparing two similar sites (that are slightly different):

1. The first is a small site with 10 pages, within these 10 pages the business owner is not able to target very many keywords (and keep this in mind: their prospects are typing into Google a wide variety of keywords, so they’re missing out on lots of traffic). And if they’ve got the basics figured out they’re only focusing on one or two keywords per page.

⇒ This website is “fishing” for traffic with a very small “net” and is missing opportunities to capture the awareness and attention of prospects.

2. Now imagine a similar 10 page site that also has a blog with 50 blog posts, this site has 60 pages and can target 6 times (600%) as many keywords.

⇒ They’re “fishing” for traffic with a HUGE “net” and can target the wide range of keywords their prospects are typing into Google to find businesses like theirs.

⇒ This website will have plenty of traffic and business pouring in, while the 10 page site is sitting around wondering when the traffic and business is going to start coming in.

⇒ The 60 page site will reinvest in what’s working and keep creating more blog posts to grow their “net” (website size), which will lead to increasing their share of massive amounts of SEO traffic.

Which site do you want to model your website after, #1 or #2?

If you don’t like the “fishing net” metaphor you can also look at content marketing & SEO like an “Arms race”, where the “weapons” being stockpiled are website pages and blog posts.

A website that’s regularly updated and growing sends a signal to Google that you’re an authority that isn’t going anywhere.

The business that has the bigger, higher-quality website with strategic content aligned with it’s business goals takes a bigger slice of revenue and traffic.

Social Media Marketing & Integration

Social media marketing that’s integrated with your content marketing (blog) is an online marketing powerhouse, since most social media posts that do well are content-based.

Guess what…

…Your blog is the best place to send engaged people from your social posts to learn more about the interesting, useful or educational content you shared on social media.

We can also include:

  • Automatic posting to your social media profiles when you publish your blog posts
  • Share buttons to let people on your website easily share your content with their friends and followers
  • Icons and buttons linking to your social profiles

Email Marketing & Integration

Building your own email list is one of the most valuable online business assets you can invest your marketing budget in, since your email list is:

  • Proprietary and unique to your business (Competitive Advantage)
  • An extremely high ROI-producing marketing asset (you can email them again-and-again…)
  • The most personal way to engage with your prospects/customers (and have their attention)
  • YOURS (and ONLY Yours) and produces consistent, dependable, highly targeted traffic that’s under your control (not someone else’s platform)

Email marketing combined with a content marketing blog and social media is the Ultimate One… Two.. Three… Online Marketing Punch that can help your business build a large (& engaged) audience, and pipeline of leads & sales that steadily grows.

How this all comes together is by having email list sign-up forms strategically placed on your website using:

  • Pop-up forms
  • Exit-Intent forms
  • Email opt-in boxes on your pages
  • Landing pages with the sole purpose of collecting email addresses

The first major step to getting your website visitors closer to becoming leads and sales is getting them to share their email address.  This places them in your sales funnel and allows you to start building a relationship.

Online relationship-building involves sharing valuable content from your blog or website with your email newsletter subscribers to build trust and confidence in your business. This slowly and steadily positions your business as the expert—at the top of their mind—that they’ll want to buy from when they’re ready.

It’s all about relationships, and email is the best relationship-builder online, it’s also the simplest way to automate a major portion of your online marketing.

Recent Projects


4-Phase Web Design Process for Results


Phase 1: Discovery

  • Kick-Off Call & Discovery
  • Goal-Setting & Needs Analysis

Phase 2: Planning & Design

  • Research & Planning
  • Client Content Gathering
  • Sitemap & Wireframes
  • Design, Client Feedback, Revisions & Design Approval

Phase 3: Development & SEO

  • Website Coding & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pre-Launch Staging, Testing & Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Website Launch & 2nd QA

Phase 4: Support & Marketing

  • Post-Launch Training
  • Post-Launch Warranty Support
  • Ongoing Services & Support

“A Business, like an automobile, has to be driven in order to get results.”

B. C. Forbes

American Publisher

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Optional Services (Highly Recommended):

Ongoing Online Marketing Services & Consulting

Ongoing Online Marketing Is The Work That Practically Guarantees Results. Designing & Launching Your Website Is Critical, But It’s Just The Beginning…

Ongoing WordPress Maintenance & Updates


We Offer Ongoing WordPress Maintenance & Updates To Keep The Core Parts of Your Website & WordPress Up-To-Date and Running Smoothly

A/B Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Is A Must To Constantly Improve ROI & Results, and Distance Yourself From The Competition—With An Edge. If You’re Not Pushing Your Business Forward You’re Falling Behind

Lead Generation Funnel Design


Designing A Website To Generate Lots Of Leads Involves Planning & Designing CTA (Call-To-Action) Strategies and Lead Generation Funnels To Convert Visitors Into Leads (and Eventually Prospects & Sales)

Ongoing Support

Sometimes Even Easy-to-Use Websites Get a Little Confusing, We’re Here To Help Solve Those Problems

Additional Training

We Gladly Offer Additional Training For You and Your Team For Basic and Advanced Website and Analytics Features, Tools & Functionality To Help Develop Your Company’s In-House Capabilities

Online Marketing Plan & Goal-setting

A Solid Online Marketing Plan Is Critical For Growth and Taking The Guesswork Out Of What Needs To Be Done and The Resources Involved. Setting Realistic Online Marketing Goals Is The Foundation For Success (Unrealistic Goals Do More Harm Than Good)

Customer Lifetime Value & Traffic Volume Analysis

Using Your Businesses Customer Lifetime Value To Determine How Much Traffic You Need To Achieve Your Revenue Goals Is The Starting Point To Planning Your Companies Online Marketing Investments & Requirements

Additional Elements Included With DNA Evolved’s Web Design:

Website That's Fast-Loading

Websites Need To Be Fast For Your Visitors (Especially First Time Visitors) and Search Engines (Otherwise You Get Penalized). Simply Put, SLOW Sites Lose Money

Secure Website

You Will Have All Sorts of Security Features and Best Practices Applied to Protect & Harden Your Website, Keep It Safe And Give You Peace of Mind


Built With WordPress

We Use The Most Popular Content Management System (CMS) On The Internet For Your Website’s Foundation, WordPress. It’s Regularly Updated, Secure & Has Plenty of Room To Grow With Your Business


Designed With Web Analytics From The Start

Web Analytics Is A Central Element Of The Websites We Design. We Use Google Analytics & Website Tracking Tools Like CrazyEgg, SumoMe, HotJar & Others To Measure & Track Progress and Make Decisions

Goal Setting

Successful Websites Need A Purpose. We Help Identify Goals and Set Mutual Expectations For Your Business Online, So Your Website’s Purpose Is Central During The Web Design Process. Closely Tracked Business Goals Are Mandatory To Measure and Deliver Results, and For Steadily Increasing Returns


Live Training

All Websites We Build Include Live Training (via Video Conferencing), So Your Company’s Empowered To Keep The Content Of Your Site Up-To-Date. We Help Our Client’s Do As Much Of The Website Updates As They Want

"You are making a mistake if you don't use the services that are provided by DNA Evolved. They took the time to walk me along each step of the design process so that I was comfortable with the decisions being made.  When I was stuck with what to add, they gave good ideas that benefited my website.  I felt like they were building a website that they would be proud to say 'We built that', and at no time did I feel that I was just another client.  They were very accommodating when I needed changes that I overlooked, without even a sigh.  Thank You, DNA Evolved & Tim, for a job well done."
Randy Voehl

Awesome Air Moonwalks, Richmond, Texas

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